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Bezalel Academy graduation project


The book contains four stories, each focused on a different city and a different local species: Hyrax in Arad, Jackals in Tel-Aviv, Gazelles in Jerusalem, and one striped hyena from Modi'in. Each story expresses a different facet of urbanity, nature, and the overlap between the two. Meeting wildlife in urban environments can ignite strong feelings, such as fear, wonder, excitement or anxiety; It can spark thoughts about our part and place on the planet. The pencil illustrations serve as a tool for reconstructing these feelings and thoughts, opening a window for interpretation, for thought and for imagination.

∙ The project won Bezalel Carter's Award for graphic novels.

∙ Featured on Uncoated magazine & Portfolio magazine (Hebrew)

∙ Illustrations were exhibited on: 

Wild City: Solo exhibition | ArtPlace Gallery, Tel Aviv

Best graduate projects & Best of Tel Aviv Illustration Week | Old Jaffa Street Gallery 

White Elephant exhibition | Tel Aviv 

Carter's Award Exhibition | Old Jaffa Museum, Tel Aviv illustration Festival 2020.


© Shaked Ginott

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