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Bezalel Academy | 4th year
Book of Tomorrow course
Tutor: Merav Salomon

This project follows the idea of stress biology, as described in Sapolsky's books and lectures; the mission was to research a way transferring his unique textual storytelling into a visual one. It seemed very natural, as a homage to the Dr. and as a metaphor to humankind, to let these stories and ideas be followed by illustrations of baboons in their natural habitat. The final product contains 4.5 different formats, each one about a different chapter: A short intro booklet, continued by a concertina about growth and a folding poster about sleep, another double sided poster about fear and aggression, and finally - 5 postcards regarding different ways of coping with stress. The project was nominated on behalf of Bezalel for Best Book Design from all over the World 2020, and its first (and only) edition is deposited in Germany's national library.

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