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Hunter Gatherer


Bezalel Academy | 2nd year
Packaging Design course
Tutor: Adlai Stock

Hunter/Gatherer is the perfect kit for picking prickly pears. The kit contains all of the essential tools for the Israeli traditional harvest ritual: - Metal can - Compact screw wood-stick - Protecting gloves - Knife For the modern picker, a pair of tweezers and a thermal bag are added. All of the above promise a joyful experience of picking, with minimum harm caused by thorns. Though the ritual is well known among the elder locals, and stories about it pass through generations, the kit contains a guide, explaining how to pick the fruit. The design of the packages is based on 6 different patterns, each illustrating a tangle of sabra, featuring unique elements that represent each specific tool. The saturated pattern is balanced by clean white straps and poplar wood surfaces. 

The project was displayed on Packaging of the world.

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